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Well, you've launched a new product/service which the can't sell.Your people cannot articulate your USPs in front of a prospect, Your force don't or can't engage prospects at board/business level. Your company has run a number of workshops but there is no effect on the business. If you agree with any of the above, please read on.

Can I help you?

Thirty years ago, IBM men (yes they were real men!) were trained for two years before they could visit a prospect by themselves. Many of today's people have little or no selling skills development. Many of the programs attended are based around various methodologies rather than practical development around selling skills in your environment. Can your people call high and stay high?I have over thirty years selling experience in the ICT business sector. I design tailored programs for companies whose workforce need practical tools, skills and knowledge in their environment. For the last fifteen years I have sold my services to some of the biggest companies in the computer industry business sector. I have designed, developed and delivered workshops for Dell, IBM, Siemens, Cisco, Nortel Networks and WorldCom.

What differentiates the programs I develop

Why do I get prime force development contracts with the biggest companies in the computer industry - because what I can do is call high and stay high, while building my relationship across the business at all levels. Isn't that what you want all your people to do? The programs I design have one theme - achieving more business for my customers. After this program, the attendees will have a set of practical tools and experience (from realistic role plays) with which to engage prospects. The material is developed for you - specifically meaning your company, plus your products/services, plus your processes and finally your problems. people will be expected to articulate your USPs and answer the difficult questions that prospects ask.

How do I create the program for you?

I start by understanding your company and your products/services - obvious I know, but much of the "shrink wrapped" development just doesn't achieve this. Then a full needs analysis, before diving into the content - what are we trying to achieve, can we articulate what we want Sales people to do after attending the program. That is broken down by sessions, each with their own objectives and outcomes, into a logical flow. Then we can add the role plays and exercises, running throughout the program, to add practical experience to the learning. Finally we can develop the content, and review plus pilot the program. One of the biggest mistakes that can be made is to start with existing content and develop the program with no set objectives or outcomes, but that is what most people do!

What Happens Now?

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