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Dudley Tool

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A gem of yesteryear, this highly successful family business has also made the transition to being
state of the art today. Old style expertise and quality are allied to new computing and precision.


Picture this. You go to deal with this company, and they are old world friendly, deal
in handshakes, and smile when doing business. Imagine you are dealing with honest men
just like you did forty years ago. Yet you require todays precision, and todays speed.
Here at Dudley Tool amazingly you can have both under one roof.


You really cherish your dream innovation, and want to produce it in partnership with a known
name in the business, who has been around long enough to trust, but also moves with the times,
you get just that at Dudley Tool, whose design team will work with you to fruition.

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Your idea is in safe hands You will always feel that tinge of trepidation when you decide on the producer of your latest line, whether Dudley Tool have the wherewithal to do the job, whether they are clued up to current markets, whether they are rooted in the past or primed for the future. Worry no more, Dudley Tool, though full of tradition is a modern enterprise, and this British firm is still going strong.

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