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Park Hall Stately Home Country House retreats

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Why have your boardroom discussions in musty offices
where nothing ever changes, and the view is uninspiring.
Why not instead come to us, and we will enliven your
whole being with our luxurious surroundings and
breathtaking views.

Stately Home splendour at your service

Who could fail to be inspired to a leap of intuition here,
instead of vegetating in the same old scene back at base.
Freed of the constraints of the daily round, and phone
interruptions inherent to head office, now revel in
the bliss of being able to concentrate solely on the
matter in hand.

Bonding together

When away from home and hearth it is natural to bond
together and keep safe, an instinct for survival.
Picture the disharmony that habitually creeps into
large institutions at the top levels being swept
away merely by being together somewhere different.
What a difference it is, pure unadulterated pampering.

Dont take your top people for granted

Everyone needs motivation sometime
Even the most driven people need a recharge now
and then. Your best people have to feel wanted
and part of a bigger picture. They relish touching
base in person with others whose mere presence
inspires them, but whom they see so rarely in the
course of a year. Video may bring a novelty value
to group communications, but there is nothing like
seeing each other in person. Especially in idyllic
surroundings. You rely on your best people, they
deserve the best you can give them in return.

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