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Northfield Garage


Here is a small family run business that prides itself on giving the customer what they really want. The company started many years ago, and the garage has seen its share of yesteryear, but now it is a new era with XK8s. Down the long years there has been an accumulated wealth of experience which has been retained, as most of the original core staff remain.


It is a somewhat wierd experience to go somewhere as the customer currently and be treated as if you count for something, but that is exactly what happens here. Old world handshakes and word is our bond still hold sway over the more usual modern ways, I know which I prefer to deal with.

Accident damaged?

You really love your car, or else you would not have chosen a big cat in the first place, well refreshingly so do the experts here, who have lived and breathed them right back to the seventies in some cases. Here they can even virtually bring back your car from the dead, so good is their bodywork plant.

Insurance jobs

Your car is in safe hands You will always feel that tinge of trepidation when you hand over your car keys. Be assured, these are professionals of the old school, who treat your car with all the love and care you would give yourself. Places like this, family run firms steeped in tradition are fast becoming a rarity, however thankfully for big cat owners everywhere this firm is still going strong!

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