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Aniseed Balls?

Here is a small family run business that prides itself on giving the customer what they really want. The company started originally from an idea to sell pick 'n mix selections at large outdoor events like motor shows and concerts. This part of the business is still running and you may see them out and about during the summer months. Whilst at many outdoor events the phrase "I haven't seen those for years" became a bit of the joke amongst us and we began to realise that you just can't get many of these anymore.

Acid Drops?

Get together with your friends and family to order some of the flavours you remember from when you were a kid - remember the sharp taste of an acid drop?

How about chewy bars, bubble gum, black jacks, fruit salad, vanilla fudge, wine gums, liquorice wood, nougat and flying saucers - the list goes on!


We hope you enjoy the memories that things so simple as the taste of a beautiful mint humbug can bring.

The great news is that the more you order, the cheaper that the postage becomes - so get together with friends and family to order a bumper load.

Diabetic? Try our Barley sugar

Good news for people with Diabetes - there is a whole page dedicated to products specially chosen for you. Barley sugars. cola bottles, jelly bears, pear drops, sherbet lemons and many more.

Don't miss out because of Diabetes, get the same great flavours without the sugar!

What Happens Now?

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