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Moseley the hidden gem

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superb competitively priced winter deals now available.

The professional is superb at teaching, and the shop
is packed to the rafters with quality big name goods.


Nothing beats a mature scenic setting which
has mellowed to near perfection over a hundred years plus.


Amidst the mad bustle of modern life
here is an exquisite island of pure tranquility.


What makes a place homely is its people
those at the top here, and all the members are genuinely friendly.

What Happens Now

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Currently, heavily discounted memberships are available, until we once
more revert to a waiting list. An unrivalled opportunity to join
one of the top venues in the area.
Contact us at 0121 444 2063 press option 1 for professional

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yourself and am sharing fifty odd years
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These apps, and my personal motivational messages, have recently
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Malcolm Pugh December 2013.

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